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Tips for Recovery After a Mommy Makeover

While recovering from a mommy makeover, you will want to take time to pay attention to your body. It is important to follow the recovery instructions given by your plastic surgeon and to not push yourself too hard. If you are in pain, you should stop doing what you’re doing and seek medical attention. You will also want to avoid smoking for several weeks, since this can interfere with your body’s natural healing process.

  • If you’ve had a mommy makeover in Houston, be prepared for a couple weeks of recovery. This will depend on your tolerance for pain and what procedures were performed. You’ll also need to find someone to watch your kids during this time. It may be hard to leave the children with someone, but these caregivers will not only make your recovery easier but also speed it up.


  • Walking is another way to help with your recovery. Walking gets the blood flowing and reduces tightness as well as swelling. Make sure to listen to your body and make healthy food choices. You may feel bloated for a few days, so don’t stress too much. You’ll be able to recover much more quickly with gradual and gentle exercise.


  • Your plastic surgeon will help you with any questions about your recovery. Choosing the right doctor is essential for a successful mommy makeover. They’ll provide you with detailed instructions for your recovery and be your primary source of support throughout the healing process.


  • During the first few weeks after your mommy makeover, you’ll be limited in what you can do. You’ll need to limit physical activity and housework for at least the first two weeks. You’ll also need to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Taking your medications on time and eating a healthy diet also play a vital role in the recovery process.


  • Depending on the mommy makeover procedure you’ve had, recovery can take a few weeks. During this time, you should take time off work and avoid lifting more than five pounds. Performing everyday activities will be difficult, so having someone stay with you during this time is important. If possible, take a two-week vacation from work. Depending on the type of surgery, you’ll require someone to take care of you for a few weeks.


  • The most important thing to remember during recovery is to follow the post-operative instructions. Failure to follow the post-operative instructions can lead to complications. Your doctor will give you specific instructions to follow so you get the best results. Follow these instructions closely and ask your doctor any questions you may have.


  • If you have multiple surgeries, it is wise to make sure you have time to recover. While the recovery period is longer when you have multiple surgeries, it is still shorter than if you had each procedure separately. Also, remember that your doctor will want to see you regularly during your recovery period to monitor your healing.

Last Words

The time it takes to recover after a mommy makeover will depend on the specific procedure and how fast your body can heal. As with any surgical procedure, the recovery timeframe can vary, but this will generally require at least two to three weeks. You must plan to take time off work and household duties, because you may be bedridden for during this period.

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