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Eyebrow lamination: an alternative to microblading

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Apart from waxing or micro blading, can we do anything else to have beautiful eyebrows? The answer is yes: through an innovative treatment that is painless and more affordable than micropigmentation. We are talking about eyebrow lamination, a kind of permanent that has become fashionable and that allows you to enjoy more populated, defined, and flattering eyebrows without the need for daily touch-ups.

It would be something like the treatment of eyebrows analogous to extensions or eyelash lifting, as well as semi-permanent manicure due to its durability and purposes. This means that its results last for a certain time (in this case, one to two months), after which we will have to go to the aesthetic center for a new session or a touch-up.

It is a trend that comes from Russia, where laminated eyebrows have been widely implanted for years. It allows you to do without products such as fixing gel or eyebrow pencils for a long time because it is a perfect filling and fixing solution.

It is an ideal treatment for women with rebellious eyebrows. That is, those made up of long, thick, and, in general, untamable hair. We refer to that type of eyebrows that are difficult to comb and keep under control, which also prevents us from getting them to be flattering or, at least, aesthetic when it comes to makeup.

However, it is a treatment that can be applied to any type of eyebrow to solve different common problems: uneven hair, indefinite or incorrect shape, uncontrolled growth, etc.

Since it is a treatment in which dyes can be applied, it also allows the thinner eyebrows to gain thickness and density. That is why eyebrow lamination is imposed as a great alternative to tattooing and micropigmentation, since it is a totally painless method, unlike those.

What is eyebrow lamination?

The process begins with preparation by a thorough cleansing with toner or micellar water. After this, the eyebrows are brushed. In this brushing, a special product is used that softens the hair and makes it more manageable to define the desired (and permanent) shape in the eyebrow. It is at this time that the final shape of the eyebrows will be set, which will remain until the next session.

In the next step of eyebrow lamination, the hair is chemically straightened (as in any hair straightening with keratin at the salon), with a product that will fix the most rebellious hairs to the desired shape. Afterward, a moisturizing and nourishing product is applied, after which you can choose to complement the treatment with other types of processes such as eyebrow tinting, hair removal, or waxing.

In total, the eyebrow lamination process can take between 40 minutes and an hour, depending on the type of eyebrow and your needs.

How do you take care of yourself at home?

Post-brow lamination care is important to prolong your results for as long as possible. In the first 48 hours, we will have to prevent the treated area from getting wet or damp, so the gym, swimming pool, or sauna will be prohibited.

It will suffice to maintain the hydration of the area to counteract the immediate side effects after treatment (greater dryness is noted in the area). For this, you can use any facial oil (better if it is nutritious and specific for eyebrows).

This means including eyebrow hydration in our daily care ritual, which should not involve a great deal of extra effort.

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